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Did you know that your vision can change substantially in just a few years? Its important to make sure that your prescription is matching your eyes correctly, so if you use glasses or contacts, or if its just been a while since you’ve had your eyes examined, then call the number at the top of the page to request an appointment time with us. We’d love to help you keep your vision at its best!

Glasses, Contact Lens and Eyecare

We offer the highest level of professionalism balanced with a level of comfort that our clientele have come to expect when visiting our facilities. If you are looking for a company to help correct your vision through glasses or contact lens, look no further. We have the perfect selection of lens and a huge selection of frames for you to browse through during your visit. Have contact lens or would you like to get them? We’ll be glad to test to see if contacts will be right for you. Along with a great selection and an easy way to get contact lens replacements, you can be confident that our specialists will give you the correct prescriptions and that your eyecare will be our first priority.

Vision Correction Surgery

The iLASIK Procedure is not complicated — it is fast and virtually painless. The technology used in the iLASIK Procedure is very mature (the systems used today have been in use for years) and very safe. Doctors have been performing laser vision procedures for over a decade, and 31.4 million procedures have been performed worldwide to date, making it the most common elective vision procedure in the U.S. In fact, all branches of the U.S. military and NASA recently allowed the treatment of LASIK for their servicemen and women, thanks to studies using iLASIK Technology.

Eye Surgery for Cataracts & Glaucoma

Most people may not even know that corrective surgeries exist for cataracts or Glaucoma. If you deal with either conditions you may be longing for the potential regaining of vision from cataract surgery or from the relief that we can offer for those who suffer from Glaucoma. Our specialized catarct surgery is quite amazing, and the technology that we have in Aiken is far beyond anything you’ll find on the this side of the csra. We are an authorized to perform the surgeries for AcrySof ReSTOR IOL. If you are interested in our cataract surgeries, click here to learn more .

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, darker.
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